Aurumont Property Investment Club

Aurumont Property Investment Club is sponsored and organized by Aurumont Property Investment Corporation. It aims at providing a platform for our members to share investment strategies, learn new real estate investment knowledge and skills, exchange information, build networks as well as hold related events and activities.

Aurumont Property Investment Club focus on the high-end client groups who have potential investment capabilities and intentions. We help investors to establish a profound understanding of the urgency and necessity of investing in real estate, to learn the real estate investment strategies and patterns, to build investment confidence and courage, and eventually help them to accumulate wealth by investing and owning multiple rental properties.

Our Club is a place for you to meet other investors and other real estate experts, as well as your path toward being financial independent. We hold events and activities regularly. Welcome to join us.

Investment Guide

Property investment is an important way to get a stable good returns and also a very complicated investment decision. To become a successful investor, you should have extensive knowledge of property investment, master the basic principles of investment and pay attention to the changes of national investment policies at the same time. Keep learning while practicing, adapting and adjusting.

Aurumont provides clients with all kinds of investment guides and consulting service in Melbourne.

Industry News

Real estate market is influenced by a variety of economic development index. The impact on the real estate investment decision comes one after another.

Aurumont pays close attention to Melbourne property market. We analyze and pass on updated investment information to investors promptly and frequently, assisting them to understand the current market trends, and make the right decision on the right time.


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